The importance of proteomics

Albert Heck and his team produced an inspiring video on the importance of the proteome, the research on proteomics and the impact on understanding the processes in our body and influences on health and medicine. Click this link to watch the video.

Watch The Flipped Classroom

Chris Harrison has recorded a webinar on the concept and rationale for using a flipped classroom to teach analytical chemistry at university level. Along with presenting methods for how to create the flipped classroom, strategies on how to conduct the class time, and engage the students are discussed.

What will I learn?

Various techniques for preparing a recorded lecture
Considerations for what needs to be included in a recorded lecture
How to prepare students to succeed in a flipped classroom
Strategies for fostering active learning in the physical class time

Who should watch?

New faculty/instructors
Experienced faculty/instructors
Graduate students and postdocs interested in teaching

This webinar is now on line, brought to you by Chromedia and separationsNOW. Register and watch here.
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