Demo of interactive animations

Chromedia offers 'need to know' information on Basic, Advanced and Specialist level.

For beginners we offer visualisations to help understand the basics. Take a look at a selection of our visuals, they offer an interactive, quick and easy way to understand the essence of Separation Science.

Resolution and the resolution factor is explained in the topic GC Basics, and LC basics

Eddy diffusion is explained in LC Basics  and GC basics

The Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer is explained in the LC-MS section on mass analyzers.

The Topic Circle on Gradient analysis covers a wide range, from the basics to the advanced, including how to set up a gradient, including a simulation on the effect of parameters on your separation.

You will find an extremely useful detailed set of information including animations, tips, comments within the GC section on columns. This is an example of the basic explanation of cold trapping.

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