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Chromedia is a continuously growing dependable source of need-to-know information.
We believe in the important role for analytical sciences in todays society. We have the duty to deliver high quality analyses to serve our society.
Chromedia has the mission to enhance performance of the analytical scientists during their studies and professional careers by bringing a state-of-the art on line interactive tool: \

  • High quality educational material, text, illustrated, video, interactive and well organized, aimed at industry and universities, beginners and more advanced.
  • A trusted medium, where all content is peer reviewed, where teachers and experts are visible and approachable.
  • Chromedia is not-for-profit, and strives for a subscription price acceptable for all. Revenue is used to improve the quality of the product.
  • Chromedia's content base and community of authors, teachers, practitioners, societies, other publishers and instrument companies grows continually.

Our fast growing numbers of members in industry and universities prove we are on the right track. We, the members of the Editorial Team, our experts and our authors feel the same way. We would be delighted if you join us too.

Chromedia Editorial Team
Peter Schoenmakers
Lee Polite
Hans-Gerd Janssen
Paola Dugo
Henk Claessens
Davy Guillarme
Nico Vonk
Nick Snow
Harold McNair
Frank van Geel
Chris Palmer
Chris Harrison
Mary Kate Donais
Jared Baker

Becoming a member implies becoming part of a fast growing group of international experts.

Chromedia helps you saving time:

  1. Cost-effective on-line teaching and training on-the-job
  2. Fast look-up, problem solving and trouble shooting
  3. Access to the expertise of fellow members

1. There is a gap between school and the lab. There is a definite 'need to know' in day to day practice that was not taught in school, college or universities. Labmanagement is confronted with insufficiently trained personnel. Practice, not Science. Chromedia is specifically developed with you and for you: the scientist in the operational laboratory environment in need for know-how and a desire to deliver optimal performance. Focused on practice: expertise always at arms length, for immediate look-up, for review, for feedback.
3. We are under pressure: no time, no funds. We have no time to search for dependable information or visit conferences and trainings to refresh their knowledge and to stay up to date on new applications. Chromedia's info is specifically made for practicing analytical sciences and offers unique know-how. All information is well organized on basic, advanced and specialist level for quick navigation by Topic Circle or Search. Expert know-how, tips and trick prevent mistakes and save time and costs.
5. Scientists have a need to COMMUNICATE with experts and colleagues. Colleagues and experts may very well have the know-how and are willing to help fellow members find the answers. Your community. Chromedia offers members direct access to your fellow scientists. You can set-up your own profile so fellow members can find you and you can find them. You can quickly post questions to colleagues who might have the answers you’ve been looking for so long. Alternatively, you can consult an expert directly via email.

New information and tutorials are added continuously. More members and experts are joining the community. As a result, the amount of information and links to fellow users is growing continuously as well.

No "commercials"
Independent validation of content is pivotal for Chromedia. Chromedia has no advertisements or other paid contributions. Members are sponsors through subscriptions and by giving feedback which means that Chromedia can only thrive on the basis of providing top notch information and services for you as a professional, always and everywhere.


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