New workflows in proteomics

Abstract In mass spectrometry based proteomics, as probably in any science, there is a drive towards general accepted workflows. However, in an area of research that is still hampered by a miss-match between capabilities and requirements to perform comprehensive proteome analysis, it should be highly encouraged to work on novel enabling technologies that either break-down some of the barriers in current methodologies or lead to complementary information. Therefore, the group of Heck invests heavily in exploring and developing new avenues and methods. In these presentations Heck will address some of the pitfalls in current accepted methods and provide examples on how this may be addressed. Heck will describe alternative approaches for:
• proteolysis, using the protease Lys-N
• a cheap robust and effective alternative for quantitative proteomics using dimethyl labelling
• a very new method to enrich for phosphopeptides, based on Ti4+-IMAC technologies. This method outperforms many alternative strategies, even the in our laboratory earlier developed popular TiO2-based enrichment method.

Albert Heck gives six short presentations of these new methods. Click on the links in the blue column on the left to view.

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