Column ranking & selection guidance

Abstract Authors: M.A. van Straten*, A. Dams" and H.A. Claessens*

*Laboratory of Polymer Chemistry, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, University of Technology Eindhoven, the Netherlands.
"Dams Analytical Consultancy, Nuenen, the Netherlands.

At present an estimated number of 600 RPLC columns are available on the market. A substantial number of these columns are nominally identical by possessing the same type of ligand e.g. C-8 or C-18 bonded to a substrate. But even nominally identical RPLC phases may show very different retention and selectivity properties.
This chapter compares about fifty RPLC columns, all packed with approximately 5 μm packing material that we have tested following an extended in-house testing protocol.
The columns were tested using neutral, acidic, basic and other test analytes at different eluent pH’s.
The aim of this chapter is to serve as a comparison guide for column selection to help you in identifying the optimal RPLC column for a specific separation.


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