Overview of topics


TOPICS for Chromedia.


This is an outline of my ideas on how to fullfil the needs of the separation scientists working in Petrochemistry. We will be inviting authors, also we welcome your ideas and contributions.


  1. Analyses of naphthas  (posted)
  2. Analysis of Jet Fuels

-         General

-         Trace Analyis of FAME’s Biodiesel in Jet Fuels

  1. Analysis of diesel fuels
  2. Analysis of VGO’s and Basestocks
  3. Simulated Distillation-Overview of Methods
  4. GCxGC in Petroleum Applications and Limitations
  5. Analysis of Sulfur Species
  6. Analyses of Gases

-         Refinery Gas Analyzer

-         Column Selection for Light Gas Analysis

-         Analyses of LPG’s

  1. Liquid Chromatography in Petr-Analyses

-         Application of GPC to Petroleum Analysis

-         Review on Use of ELSD Detection in Petro-Analysis

-         LC/MS

  1. Review of Atomic Emsssion Detectors (AED + ICP)
  2. Speciation of Mercury Compounds by GC/ICP
  3. Developments at ASTM, EN for Specification Methods
  4. Review Analysis of Mogas for Regulatory Use (US, EU)
  5. Newer Detectors in Petro-analysis
  6. Detailed Analysis of Hydrocarbons (DHA) by Capillary GC (expand)
  7. Multidimensional PIONA Analysis (condense/expand)
  8. Analysis of Sulfur species by GCxGC
  9. New Developments of Ultrafast GC
  10. Use of Injectors in GC for Petroleum Analysis
  11. Review of GC/FTIR for Petro-Analysis
  12. Review of GC/MS for Petroleum Analysis
  13. Sample Prep in Petroleum Analysis
  14. Purge/Trap in Petroleum Analysis
  15. Pyrolysis GC used in Petro-analysis
  16. Micro GC in Petroleum-Analysis
  17. Application of GC/NCD and LC/NCD
  18. Analysis of gas sulfur species by GC/SCD
  19. Application of Helium Discharge Detetion in Petro-analysis
  20. Analysis of Biofuels using Chromatography-a review




Frank P. DiSanzo.
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