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Abstract In here you can download the full version as well as the separate chapters of the recent 2.1 edition.
The Flipped Classroom team, Chris Harrison, Jared Baker and Mary Kate Donais, use this e-book as their basic source.

Analytical Chemistry 2.1 has its origins in a traditional commercial print textbook, released in 2000 by McGraw-Hill as Modern Analytical Chemistry. Following return of the copyright in 2007, the author used a sabbatical leave to explore the feasibility of creating an open-access electronic textbook to support undergraduate courses in analytical chemistry, making available Analytical Chemistry 2.0 in 2009 under a Creative Commons license. Since its release, Analytical Chemistry 2.0 has slighly been edited into version 2.1. It has been adopted by faculty members at many colleges and universities in the United States, as well internationally at institutions in, for example, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Vietnam, South Korea, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Rwanda. Analytical Chemistry 2.1 is included in the ChemWiki LibreTexts maintained by the University of California-Davis and is a featured resource of the Analytical Sciences Digital Library.

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Brief Table of Contents
Detailed Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to Analytical Chemistry
Chapter 2: Basic Tools of Analytical Chemistry
Chapter 3: The Vocabulary of Analytical Chemistry
Chapter 4: Evaluating Analytical Data
Chapter 5: Standardizing Analytical Methods
Chapter 6: Equilibrium Chemistry
Chapter 7: Obtaining and Preparing Samples for Analysis
Chapter 8: Gravimetric Methods
Chapter 9: Titrimetric Methods
Chapter 10: Spectroscopic Methods
Chapter 11: Electrochemical Methods
Chapter 12: Chromatographic & Electrophoretic Methods
Chapter 13: Kinetic Methods
Chapter 14: Developing a Standard Method
Chapter 15: Quality Assurance
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